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Good quality Control Cable Assembly for sales
Good quality Control Cable Assembly for sales
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We received your samples and are very happy with the quality.

—— Grace Arndt

I received the cables. I am very pleased with the quality. Very good product.

—— Hans Boehner

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  • Production Line
    Phidix Motion Controls (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    Custom Control Assemblies


    The custom assemblies are are our principal product. This is where our expertise provides the ultimate in smoothness and efficiency. The low friction "feel" comes from two basic components: a sliding flexible innermember and a flexible outer conduit.
    Custom assemblies are offered in a wide range of sizes and materials designed for safety, strength and efficiency — from miniature cables to extra heavy duty cables capable of 1200lb compression, 3600lb tension. Contact us to discuss your exact needs.

    Phidix Motion Controls (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    Control Cable Assemblies


    We offer a full range of push-pull controls that provide a means of transmitting linear motion from one location to another. They offer ease of installation as well as superior performance.


    Phidix Motion Controls (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    Control Cable Heads


    The button lock control head cables remotely operate and lock in position heater, ventilation, air conditioning or numerous other mechanisms needing adjustment.
    Depressing the center button allows pushing or pulling the knob to make course travel adjustments. Routing of the flexible cable allows installation options that are not possible with solid linkages.
    Various output configurations are available to suit a specific application. The ordering code and technical descriptions show available choices.

    Phidix Motion Controls (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    Foot Control Assemblies


    We have worldwide industry experience providing foot controls to meet specific customer requirements.
    These include rocker pedals, suspended pedals, integral floormounted pedals, and more. The foot control output can be electronic, hydraulic, solid linkage, flexible cable, or unique to the application. Hardware can be designed to meet specific envelope, geometry, load, adjustment, maintenance and environmental requirements. A wide range of components, materials, processes and surface finishes are available.

    Phidix Motion Controls (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    Hand Control Assemblies


    Custom hand controls are available to meet a variety of needs. These levers and joysticks can be used with push-pull controls for many applications including truck mixer, vibrator control, remote valve actuation, drive engagement and automatic pick-up hitch systems.

    Phidix Motion Controls (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    Manual Transmission Systems


    The transportation industry has for many years searched for a reliable shift system to replace the cumbersome and maintenanceprone rod linkages commonly used in cab over trucks and rear engine buses. As the need has increased, vehicles become more refined to include the complexities of floating cabs, curb noise restrictions and specialty vehicles of all types.
    We have a systems approach that now makes remote shifting easier for both the vehicle builder and the operator.

    Phidix Motion Controls (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    Hardware End Fittings


    Wide range of hardware available for most applications. Please contact us for further information.

    Phidix Motion Controls (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    Ball Joints


    Suitable for many lighter-duty applications such as engine controls, electronic devices, and a wide range of applications requiring low force mechanical actuators, the P Series offers our most economical ball joint design. P Series ball joints are effective in corrosive environments. The ball stud is produced from low carbon steel that is zinc plated and yellow dichromate treated for extended corrosion resistance. The body is hard molded thermo plastic and offers self-lubricating and wear resistance benefits. The assembly also offers the ability to quickly disconnect the ball stud from the housing to improve ease-of-maintenance.

    Phidix Motion Controls (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    Rod Ends


    Suitable for many light to heavy duty industrial/mechanical motion transfer applications, the 2-piece metal to metal EM/EF Series offers our most economical design. Ball and body materials are produced from a low carbon steel and are zinc plated with yellow dichromate treatment for extended corrosion resistance. The ball is case hardened for extended wear. This all metal rod end can be operated in a wide range of temperatures. Studded and right or left-handed thread versions are available. Grease fittings are optionally available.

    Phidix Motion Controls (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    Spherical Bearings


    Our J/JM Series is our low carbon steel grade with injection molded race spherical bearing offering. It includes a cost-effective, injection-molded raceway design that delivers self-lubricating characteristics, as well as moisture-resistance properties, adding to its overall versatility. It is suitable for a wide variety of OEM and MRO applications. It features a low carbon steel ball that is case hardened and nickel-plated. The race is black oxide-coated for added corrosion protection. It is available in English and metric sizes.

    Phidix Motion Controls (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.



    DC/DH Swivels were developed specifically for control applications where infinite adjustment is desired along the length of a connecting rod. They are intended for low load applications and offer in-line misalignments that are suited primarily for push applications. By using a Buna N rubber disc in the assembly, smooth and vibration-free operation is realized. A wide range of sizes and styles are available to match your application. DC Model offers 5/16" hardened self-locking screw.

    Phidix Motion Controls (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.             



    Clevises can be used in a wide range of applications from lawn & garden to heavy construction. They are made from low carbon steel and zinc plated for corrosion resistance. A clevis can be used in situations where a link needs to be easily disconnected. In those cases, many of our easy to install and remove retaining clips may be used along with our pins to lock the clevis in place through the eye of the linkage. Spring pins are made using low carbon steel pins and heat treated spring steel bodies. Retaining clips are made using heat treated spring steel.





    Phidix Motion Controls (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


    OEM & ODM Process

    • Customer Specification
    • Engineering Design and Tooling
    • Prototype Approval
    • Mass Production
    • Logistics Warehousing
    • Post-Sales Support

    Phidix Motion Controls (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


    OEM & ODM Key Points

    • Spec Define
    • Key Component Conformance
    • Product Qualification Judgement
    • Issue Management
    • Debugging & Root Cause Analyzing
    • Test Consulting Schedule Controlling
    • Project Management
    • Test Plan Developing
    • Quality Controlling


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